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Where Dreams Come True!

Where Our
Story Begins...

Fuel City is a family owned and operated business. Founder, Dallas-native and entrepreneur John Benda created the Fuel City brand in 1995 by opening his first location near Downtown Dallas. Coined as ‘Texas in a nutshell’ and home to the ‘Best tacos in Texas’, Fuel City is a one-of-a-kind experience.
Established 1995
Where Dreams Come True

...The Fuel City
Dream Today.

As a family business, son-in-law Joseph Bickham now runs the company.  Joseph, along with his experienced management team, works hard every day to make Fuel City the friendliest travel center in the great State of Texas.  Coined ‘Texas in a Nutshell’ and home to the “Best Taco in Texas,” Fuel City is a growing, must-experience Texas Destination.
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Why We Say Where Dreams Come True!

Where Dreams Come True is a slogan that developed from the atmosphere and culture that Fuel City strives for.  For every team member and customer visiting Fuel City, we want their experience to be fun, unique, positive, and of course full of Texas Spirit.  Come and visit a Fuel City today and experience Where Dreams Come True.