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Grab A Bite While you Fuel Up!

Fuel City in Cedar Hill is ready to get you gassed up, rested up, cleaned up, and all-around equipped for the road ahead. Our fueling stations are primed and ready to fill your ride with the best in Texas, and our dedicated truck parking areas are perfect for those looking to take a quick break and catch some Z’s. Our truckstop services consist of full-service bathrooms and showers with stocked hygiene items so that you feel refreshed and ready to roll.

Come for the  Food & Stay for the Company

Enjoy our Delicious Tacos Before Hitting the Road

Maybe your belly’s feeling as empty as your fuel tank? Then pull on up and enjoy some of Fuel City’s famous Tex-Mex fare that can’t be beaten! With spiced chicken and barbacoa pork, beef fajitas and grilled onions, ground steak and seasoned potatoes, and even more options, you’re sure to find the best-tasting foods for the whole crew. Speaking of, if you’re looking to feed a family of travelers (or just want a bit of something extra to take on the journey), then take a look at our taco meals with sides of beans and Mexican rice or our 12” stuffed quesadilla. All of our entrees come with cilantro garnish, lime, and our scrumptious Fuel City hot sauce!

Fleet Card Program

See the Benefits of our Fleet Card Program

Cedar Hill Fuel City’s fleet card program is available for businesses that want to give their employees all-access trucking services that are second to none. We provide truckers with clean facilities, access to add-ons and accessories, food, bulk DEF, certified CAT scales, and more with 24/7 convenience.

Improve your organization’s fuel efficiency and save on the button line with fuel volume discounting, detailed reporting, and remote app access. Keep yourself informed every time your fleet refuels their rigs or their bellies with our fleet card program that’s available at all locations. All Fuel City locations, including Cedar Hill, offer easy 18-wheeler access to save your staff time and to save you money by turning the hassle of managing your fleet’s travels into a seamless experience. Reach out to us here to learn more about our highly-rated program. 

Clean Your Car before Hitting the Road

Earn Rewards On Every CAR WASH With Our App!

Did your vehicle say “hello” to too many bugs on the highway? Our car wash and detailing services are equipped with all of the cleaning tech needed to make your ride shine again. The Ultimate Texas Experience, our most popular option, includes a pre-soak shampoo before following up with a soft-cloth wash, a high-pressure wheel blast to remove grime, and a spot-free rinse. It’s finished with a total-body protection coating of wax and conditioners, capped by a microfiber hand-dry that’s sure to turn heads down the highway. Fuel City in Cedar Hill offers unlimited washing starting at $20/month with our Fuel City Fast Pass. This will allow visitors to any of our car wash and detailing locations to take advantage of our services via access through our digital app available on any smartphone’s app store.  

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“This is my first time here and I love this place. It is very clean they have excellent food and the best pizzas. I cannot say anything bad about Fuel City it is an immaculate beautiful place.”
— Fredrick / Review

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