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Get the Best

Fuel Up on Gasoline and Food Before Hitting the Road

Fuel City in Saginaw is geared up to get you refilled, refed, and well-rested for the road ahead. Our fueling stations are ready and primed to fill your vehicle with the best fuel in Texas, and our dedicated trucker resting areas are ideal for those who’re looking to catch a few Z's after a long drive. Truckstop services consist of full-service showers and restrooms that are stocked with fresh hygiene items so that you'll always feel refreshed and ready to roll.

Come for the Food & Stay for the Company

Enjoy some Street Tacos & Fried Pies

Does your stomach need a bit of fuel too? Pull up for a legendary meal and tuck into some of our Tex-Mex fare that helped put our name on the map! Zesty barbacoa pork and well-seasoned chicken, grilled onions in beef fajitas, ground steak and steamy potatoes, and more await the tastebuds of all hungry travelers. If you’re trying to feed a hungry crew, then take a gander at our larger portions such as our taco meals. Each comes with a side of hearty beans and flavorful Mexican rice. If you’re not dairy-shy, our grande cheese-stuffed quesadillas pack all that familiar gooey flavor to enjoy. All of our entrees come with some cilantro, fresh lime, and our famous Fuel City hot sauce! Craving some good old-fashioned American food? Try one of our delicious burgers or a spicy chicken sandwich. If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, try one of our sweet milkshakes or one of our warm and ready-fried pies.

Fleet Card Program

Get the Most out of the Fuel City Fleet Card Program

Saginaw Fuel City’s fleet card program is available for businesses looking to treat their employees to high-end, all-access services that keep them happy and productive. We get what truckers need: clean facilities, good food, access to add-ons and accessories, bulk DEF, certified CAT scales, and more with 24/7 convenience.

Get Your Car Clean & Road Ready

Earn Rewards On Every CAR WASH With Our App!

Did you happen to catch too many bugs in your grill while cruising down the highway? Our car wash and detailing stations have all the best cleaning technology needed to help your vehicle shine like new again. The Ultimate Texas Experience is our most popular choice for those looking to get cleaned up for the best bang for their dollar. It includes a thorough pre-soak, high-pressure wheel blast to remove road grime, a hand wash with a soft cloth, and finishes off with a spot-free rinse. Complete with total-body wax protection and a microfiber hand-dry, your ride’s never felt so spoiled. Fuel City in Saginaw offers customers endless washes for only $20/month with our Fuel City Fast Pass, which is valid at any Fuel City location that offers the service. Manage your Fast Pass with our digital app available for both iOS and Android smartphones. 

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“This is my first time here and I love this place. It is very clean they have excellent food and the best pizzas. I cannot say anything bad about Fuel City it is an immaculate beautiful place.”
— Fredrick / Review

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